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5 Things to Consider Before you Approach Web Portal Development Company

Web portal is a necessity for every small, medium and large scale companies. It becomes useful to connect all internal departments into web platform whether it’s a local area or wide area with multiple locations. There are many web portal development companies working in countries like India, China, Pakistan and Philippines and claim them self as one of the best web portal development company. Client will be in great confusion because not been able to decide whom to select and award the important web development project.

Hiring or outsourcing web portal application Development Companies a common trend. As per the current market trend, there are number of IT companies that offer portal development services, and the demand in the number of organization has made it tough for the clients to select their prospective portal development partners. So, in order to help you to select offshore portal development company from India, below are the points needed to consider approaching one. 

To remove complexity and assist you to find a reputed web portal and web application Development Company from India is the objective of this blog.

First task is to get the project requirement crystal clear and refer to the five things that you must consider before connecting web portal Development Company in India.

Get ready with the list of Portal Applications and Requirements

This is universal accepted primary task for you to get on. It has been witnessed that many people enthusiastically approach company’s sales person by a mail or live chat session without preparing the thorough objective and needs. When the points triggers out, and discussion reaches to project requirement, it is ended immaturely and time spent on this task considered a waste. You may get response from company sales person with convincing what they want to sell rather what you want. Sometimes the sales person wins the situation and you are ending your decision to buy the solution with wrong portal application stack not able to fulfill your requirements.

Alert! Before you start identifying the web portal development company, define your requirement properly and clearly. Prepare a list of all available web portal application stacks that can serve your actual requirements. If you demand web portal design, then browse through the Internet and keep reference sites ready. Make a list of all the objects that you want in your web portal and the application comparison that would help you to accomplish taking right decision. It is recommended that if you’re going for web application development, then make a rough plan of its design and functionality.

Understanding of Business and Technology Consultancy

 Some of the IT web portal development company may have team of very good technocrats for development and implementation of client requirements but they may have a lack of business domain and it can result into unsuccessful project. The efforts made will have a cost and it can be a huge loss. Consider the business domain understanding and technology expertise in your selection criteria before hiring web portal development company.Now a day, there are many company offering the business process consultancy and technology consultancy in order to help customers like you to achieve project objectives and your investment goes in right direction. The consultancy services help you to identify the technology and define the scope of your projects in a much better way.It allows you to know the current market trends and guide you to build proper strategy on how you should proceed with your project.However, you are the decision maker and anytime if you feel that you are well aware of all the aspect then you can skip going for consultancy services. But, in any case, if you have queries in mind, then it is advisable to approach a consultancy services company.

Web Portal Application should be flexible enough to scale up

 Once we have decided on the business aspects, the next step is to select technology and development partner to ensure that the web portal should never goes down in any case. The web portal should be flexible in terms of programming and deployment that it can scale up at the time of peak usage and perform all the time as per the standards. The product and design should be also one of the key factors while talking about scalability. It is advisable to hire a company who can give you a complete solution for a flexible web portal with scalability option and an added advantage if they can offer a cloud based solution.

Project Cost while Outsourcing

 This is a major affecting factor while taking the decision to outsource the project to a web portal development company in India. There is always been a budget for every project with 20% (+/-) consideration of cost. The cost of the project may vary from organization to organization and depending on the technology selected to customize your requirement. The cost will majeure from quality of work and it can be seen from past work done. Before selecting a partner company for your project, do a proper homework, study the market and fix your budget in order to stay focused on your requirements.

As projected, the budget should be flexible enough to get a good quality work, as quality work always cost higher than other. In short, if you need a world class web portal, price does matter.

Maintenance and Support

 Developing and delivering an outstanding web portal is a great success for you and Partner Company. The web portal needs an attention of both while requirement rises as manpower rises in your organization. Kindly consider maintenance and support factor while finalizing and outsourcing the web portal development project. To keep the flow of visitors to your web portal, it should be updated regularly. If you are running an eCommerce portal, introducing new features and user friendly aspects is a critical demand of your project. Dynamic nature of web portal with support and maintenance by Development Company is what you must consider.

To make your hiring task easy, do a proper home work by considering all above points before approaching and finalizing your decision to web portal development company in India. Attune Infocom is one of the most growing Web development company in India. Feel free to contact us for one stop web portal solution.


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