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Php - Web Application Development

PHP is widely used in web application development. Billions of web applications running on the internet are made in PHP only. PHP requires web server and can be deployed on most of the web servers, operating systems and platforms. PHP provides filter taking input from a file or stream containing text and providing outputs to another stream of data. Though primary purpose of PHP was dynamic pages, however it has proved to be very effective server side scripting language which very effectively helps in providing content from web server to client.

PHP is a powerful server side scripting language and is widely used in creating dynamic web pages. It can also be used from command line and graphical applications. PHP is also known as Hypertext Processor, and can run on UNIX as well as Windows Servers. PHP is widely used in message boards, shopping carts, search engines and much more. Entire sites are developed with PHP only.PHP is used in creating healthcare applications, real estate portals, e learning websites, search engines, website builders, auctions web portal, sites with enormous database. PHP is also used for data mining and data collection purpose. PHP programmers make usage of OOPs concept and generate number of internet pages on the web.

PHP is available under open source license, this means it is free to use and distribute and the user is encouraged to so. The redistribution of PHP source and binary code is allowed without doing many modifications. However while doing so, the copyright statement needs to be present as well. PHP programmer working on PHP, can easily work on any open source scripts available. Some of the open source scripts available for PHP include PHPBB and osCommerce.

smartData is an ISO certified Offshore software outsourcing company involved in offshore software web development in PHP. smartData PHP programmers are experts in delivering quality web applications to clients globally. With features like scalable, robust, open source; php is quite popular scripting language with widespread capabilities for web applications to interact on the net.


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