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Attune Infocom - Web Development Company India

Today, web development companies are found to charge more for their services, so it is useful to get some knowledge about web design and development, before venturing into business with these companies. Here are some terms commonly used in the process of the life cycle of web development.

The first and most important step to starting a web development project includes a detailed analysis of requirements. This analysis is conducted using questionnaires, letters, e-mail, interactive meetings with a view on the concept of the project to understand. This includes a detailed discussion and analysis of the purpose of the project, the marketing objectives, target audience and the expectations of the company, competitors, stock data, pricing and more.

After a detailed analysis of needs, it is estimated the project is viable or not. If the answer is affirmative, the next factor to consider is the cost of the project. So with the above documents stating the details is prepared which is again presented to the client for review and approval. It is advisable for the customer to this data compare with current market rates and determine the feasibility of the project. Here, some companies charge a sophisticated little louder that their products are expensive and highly regarded in the market.

When the project is approved by the client the web development company will start working in web design. Website projects are the key to providing in joomla, drupal, and more cms the appearance of the site in the virtual world. Here is a detailed site map is prepared for the architecture of web design to be determined. Here, the client must verify the originality of the project and can also provide suggestions to design more visually appealing.

Once the project is completed and approved, it is time to go live with the site. Some drupal web development companies also offer full customer support, with enhanced safety.

Maintenance and upgrades are performed on a regular basis, to changes in trends and many new features that are attractive to users inspire.


  1. Excellent post,
    What a useful post, The process was often considered as the same as web development; this was a misleading concept because web development is a bigger project assembling many web disciplines of which, web design forms an important segment.
    Thanks for this great sharing.

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