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Php - Open Source Server Side Programming

PHP is for PHP: Hypertext type Preprocessor. PHP is a very famous open source server-side language. As he gained popularity in recent years. Besides, no strong support from big business, has shown that it can have serious PHP programming concepts and is therefore able to ensure a large web application can be built on PHP. These days PHP string is supported by many large companies who believe that open source is the superior means to provide knowledge of software. Companies like Sun Microsystems, IBM, Red Hat, etc. have developed fully functional programming environment based on PHP on their operating systems.

PHP is designed to make programming quick and fast Web deployment. The other competitors are PHP JSP, ASP, Cold Fusion, etc.

PHP is the design using the design structure of the C and Java. If anyone is familiar with this program, he or she can learn PHP in a very short time. There are many enterprises, public institutions using PHP only. Some companies using PHP widely NASA, U.S. Military, Lufthansa, Yahoo, etc. This study shows that large PHP has solid skills and can make incredible products. PHP provides the ideal performance when combined with Linux, Apache and MySQL.

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