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liferay consulting

Liferay Consulting Experts

Liferay Open Source Portal for the Enterprise with strong community with over 2.7 million downloads and 250,000 worldwide deployments. Liferay portal is one of the most mature portal frameworks in the market, offering many key business benefits that involve personalization, customization, and workflow. Attune Infocom offers consulting and training services to enable customers to leverage the power of real-time information and collaboration to gain numerous organizational and business benefits. Our Liferay portal consulting services and solutions enable our clients to streamline operations, enhance partner and supplier relations, build social communities, and help improve customer loyalty by enabling self-service capabilities. Our Liferay consulting clients range from large Information Technology enterprises to SME startups.

Open Source (cms) Liferay Portal comes with complete enterprise package, like :

Content and Document Management
Web Publishing and Shared Workspaces
Enterprise Collaboration
Social Networking and Mashups
Enterprise Portals and Identity Management

Attune Infocom delivers Liferay Portal solutions to Enterprises to build vigorous business solutions to meet expected results :
Self-Service Portals
Knowledge Sharing Workspaces
Dynamic Web 2.0 Websites
Revenue-generating Social Networks
Enterprise Application Integration

Liferay is compatible with your IT infrastructure which runs on your existing application servers, databases and operating systems to eliminate new spending on infrastructure.

It has a Flexible Scripting Support which runs on PHP, Ruby, Python, Grails and other lightweight scripting technologies within a robust Java framework. Attune Infocom enables the organization with Liferay open standards for content, portlets, web services and front-end technologies to reduce development cost.

As a most trusted trainer in market for Liferay Portlet, we offer the depth of expertise to transfer the knowledge on the Liferay Portal platform that you need to succeed. Our portal consulting services provide robust, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective alternatives to proprietary applications.

liferay Training Experts

This training course teaches and promotes Liferay Portal authentication and content management. This is a required training for individuals who wish to become Liferay Portal expert. This is useful Project Manager and developer. This training is focusing on Liferay Portal Administration, Plugin Development, Extension Development and System Administration.

32 Hrs (8 Hrs * 4 days)

Batch size
Batch size not to exceed 10 participants

Basic knowledge and work exp. is must in Java. However, the portal administration part can be attended by any one

Hardware Requirements
Desktop or Laptop 2.0 GHz, 1GB RAM with Windows XP and internet facility

Course Contents

Liferay Portal Administration (1 Day)
Introduction of Liferay Portal
Liferay Tomcat Bundle Installation
MySQL Database Integration
Portal Control Panel
Manage Pages
Theme & Layout
User Management
Organization and Community Management
WCM and CMS Portlets
- Web Content, Document Library & Image Library
Collaboration Portlets
- Blog, Wiki, Message Board, Calendar, Chat & Email
Plugin Installation Porltet
Server Administration
Portal Monitoring
SEO in Liferay
Build your own Portal

Liferay Plugin Development (2 Day)
Understanding Liferay Development
Pluging Environment Setup
Eclipse Setup for Plugin development
JSR 168 and JSR 286 Portlet
Developing Portlet
- Struts
- Spring
Developing Layout Pluging
Theme Development
- JQuery
- JavaScript
Introduction of Hooks pluging
Introduction of Web Module Pluging

Liferay Extension Development (3 Day)
Understanding Liferay Development
Extension Environment Setup
Eclipse Setup for Extension development
Portal and System properties customization
Lifray JSP Customization
Liferay Action Extension
- Global Startup Action
Custom Attribute & Expando Table
Portlet Preference
- Development time
- Run time
Liferay Permission
- Portlet Resources
- Model Resources
Liferay Action Extension
- Global Startup Action
Introduction to Service builder
- Database interaction
Introduction to SOA in Liferay
- Web Services

Liferay System Administration (4 Day)
Liferay Tomcat Bundle Installation
MySQL Database Integration
Liferay Clustering
- Cluster Architecture
- Recommendation
EHCache Configuration and setting
Hibernate Configuration
Jackrabbit Configuration
Lucene Configuration
Load Balancing using Apache HTTP Server
Performance setting and monitoring
Setting Log Level
LDAP-SSO Integration
Liferay Deployment
Server Administration
Portal Monitoring
Liferay Monitoring, Back up and upgrade

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