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Liferay Portlet Development

Liferay portlets in general are great for a very specific class of applications. If you are working for an IT department and need to combine applications for or by several departments then portlets would be the way to go. In theory you can drop in portlets from different venders and they will all live in harmony inside of the same environment.

Benefits of Liferay Portlet Development: 
  • Since the software is open source, it reduces the costs significantly over other more expensive paid solutions - and what's more, it does virtually everything the more expensive options do anyway!
  • It already comes with virtually everything you need to run an effective corporate Intranet for collaboration and communication. The wide array of pre-built portlets let you choose the exact functionality you want to add.
  • It's very easy for your staff to learn. The UI has already won usability awards and innovative features cut down on the number of steps or clicks your staff have to take to perform certain operations.
  • Upfront costs are zero, so you can literally deploy LifeRay for free before committing to any customization work
  • Over 60 add on modules and 20 free themes available for LifeRay - it's literally possible to set up your system for zero cost
  • The open source nature of the software means that even if the company changes direction or closes, the software lives on in the open source community

Liferay is very modular in design and just like Wordpress, a number of add-ons can be created, the terminology for which is “Portlets”, little snippets of code that query the database to display some information. Mostly the portlets add a small amount of functionality, and since Liferay is completely free to use the development costs for deploying an Enterprise social network script can be significantly lower than a commercial option.

Attune Infocome’s liferay developer to develop social networking software for client, including Intranet and collaboration platforms, we have a unique insight in to what kind of functionality you might require from a Liferay powered website. We’ve developed numerous Liferay portlets in the past for companies with Liferay Portal Development and even Liferay Theme Development. Liferay portlets should be considered as akin to a shared infrastructure. They provide a common way to access applications, shared services and a standard way of deployment, but at the cost of performance. Liferay portlet is a extremely powerful system, there are many services and applications