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Activiti Business Process Management Released 5.11 Version

With Activiti business process management you can draw your business process using BPMN. Its XML output goes to the Activiti Engine which then creates the web forms and performs the interactions that implement your process. It's as simple as that. Activiti is lightweight, integrates seamlessly with standard frameworks, and includes easy-to-use design and management tools. Activiti is best open-source workflow and BPM Platform.

Best Choice for Business Process Development
Activiti is best choice for Business process management, which is an open-source workflow engine that written in Java and helps Activiti Application developers to execute various business processes, which are Based on BPMN 2.0 Specification.

Benefits of using Activiti Workflow:
  1. Runs on Java environment like JPA, spring, Hibernate, JSF, JTA.
  2. Easy setup utility for taking hand on with Activiti
  3. Easy supports the cloud
  4. Very simple to add new custom activity types and complete dedicated process languages really fast
  5. Transactional timers
  6. Asynchronous continuations
  7. Hidden event listeners for decoupling software technical details from business level diagram
  8. Skill to test process executions in separation in a plain unit test
Capability Proposed for the Project
  • Activiti Engine: It is containing the Process Virtual Machine and BPMN process language implementation;
  • Activiti Probe: A system administration
  • Activiti Explorer: A simple end-user web application for managing task lists and executing process tasks;
  • Activiti Modeler: A browser-based and Ajax based  BPMN 2.0 process modeling tool

New Released for Activiti 5.11
Alfresco announce for his new release of Activiti 5.11, that has strong and better features, don’t worry for user that are using the Activiti 5.10,anyway I have gone through this version,  thanks to alfresco, that he has removed the demo script and just providing the Explorer and REST –API web applications as WAR files in the Activiti package. In addition, the database scripts are now also part of the distribution in the database folder, so its making the life little bit more easier.

Friend, one another good things is I have found that they also made some very good changes within this version like, 
  • Included Activiti modeler within the Activiti explore, and also made some very good changes
  • Additionally they have also added support for DB2 and MSSQL servers
In previously I have faced the problem for calling new process instance in the service task, but now, they have improved and fix the bug, now, magically my process wok fine.

This Activiti 5.11 Eclipse based Designer  
Now also Alfresco Announced for Activiti designer that is also released now includes a big refactoring of the Business Process Management parsing and export logic and the original BPMN POJO model. Since it have the Activiti-bpmn-model and Activiti-bpmn-converter projects in the Activiti project, but now have one base for parsing for the Activiti Engine, Modeler and Designer. The Modeler and Designer in addition also use the BPMN XML export logic.