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Personalizing a Website With Templates and Extensions

Personalizing a Joomla! website is easy and fun, since thousands of extensions are available here. Free templates are available at many websites. One of the best parts of extending Joomla is that modules, plugins, and templates are all installed the same way, through a simple interface that requires browsing to the downloaded file and clicking "Install." Users can also install by using the URL of the file, making a download unnecessary.

Commercial templates are much more hire Joomla Developer India and offer more features, easy flash galleries and easily edited banners. Free templates often come with mandatory banners and hard-to-change designs, even with a good understanding of CSS and HTML.

Adding Modules and extensions really turn a basic site into a professional creation. Depending on the template, modules can be placed all over the page, in the right column, the left column, the breadcrumb, the header, the footer, and more. There are modules for RSS feeds, for login/security, for payment and sales, for social networking, everything.

Competing with other CMS and website creation software like WordPress and Xoop, Joomla! stands out because of its customability and its variety. Amidst a lot of quality software available, it's obvious that some are designed well and others are not. Joomla! is CMS done right.